6 Tools That Are Perfect For Any Dog in Training

When training your dog, there are many different ways to do so and it can be quite infuriating for the owner and dog when neither likes the way the training is going. When becoming a new pet parent, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to find a good way to train your pooch, and you are not alone when it comes to that. Teaching your pooch commands to follow can be one of the most rewarding parts of becoming a pet parent. But what most forget when teaching commands or training your dog is that there are tools that are vital in making sure that the dog is able to learn and keep these commands in their memory.



Here are 6 tools that are perfect for any dog that is training.



  1. Target Stick


A target stick is similar to a clicker, but instead of an auditory confirmation of the correct behaviors, it is a visual confirmation for the dog. It also collapses easier than other products like a clicker. There are also fancy versions of this stick that have a clicker in the base of the rod. A great DIY version of this is a kitchen spoon or some sort of stick that can be found in the house.



  1. Barriers


Barriers help set up boundaries in the home and other areas that the dog may be in and help them learn to stay out. Whether it be a fence, crates, gate, or playpen, they are all equally useful. It helps so much with the indoor training of a pooch and helps keep them away from areas that could cause major problems.



  1. Training Carry-all


A training carryall can also be referred to as a bag for carrying all supplies for training your dog. They are extremely helpful in cases where you are going to a place that helps with dog training or going to a destination to train your dog. It can easily hold treats, toys, water bowls, bedding, and/or comfort items if they are needed.



  1. Toys


Toys can help immensely with training. Dogs learning to play with toys and not other household items like the remote or socks is probably one of the most important parts of training. No one wants their belongings ruined!



  1. A Treat Bag


When training your dog with treats and rewards, it is important to keep those items on your person. The best way to keep treats on hand and with you while training is having a treat bag. It can be hand held or attached at the waist for easy access.



  1. Food Puzzles


Food puzzles have many uses. They can be used for physical and mental stimulation, as well as prevent unwanted behaviors like eating and trying to eat food that is not theirs. It can also help them relax and settle down if they are acting up and have lots of energy.




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