5 Fun Roof Designs for Any Home

When looking at building a home, the main feature that is overlooked is the roof. Most people don’t worry about the design and just go with the most simple and easiest option, but the roof can make or break the feel of the home. The look of the exterior of the home can also make or break the cost and beauty of the home. To decrease the stress on this process of choosing a design, most contractors present the homeowner with options that are most structurally stable and help the homeowners put their mind to ease and not worry about another decision for their home. But any and every homeowner should want to choose and find a design for their roof that they will love.

Here are 5 fun roof designs for any home.

Open Gable

Whenever someone draws a house, this is the first roof that anyone draws. This silhouette is where there are only a few panels involved to create a triangular shape. It creates a slope on both sides of the home at similar angles that create this triangular shape. It is extremely table on top of any home and creates that just classic and beautiful home look.

Box Gable

This type of roofing is very similar to the open gable roofing designs. The differences lie in the fact that the roof ends with a boxed tailored shape. The design also highlights the triangular section on the roof, showcasing the beauty on the roof. It is very chic and beautiful for any home.


A dormer shaped roof is similar to both gable roofs, but it adds in an extra flare to the roof. It adds this extra window and tiny little mini gable to the flat side of the roof. There can be as many dormers as one can want as well as as little as one may want. It also has an extra bonus because the addition of this dormer helps create a little more space for a small loft in the area of the dormer and attic. It is quite a fun and beautiful addition to any roof.

Hip and Valley

Hip and valley roofs have tons of pros compared to other roofs. Taking inspiration from classic hip roofs, these roofs have slopes on all sides as well as valleys between parts of these roofs. What is also fantastic about these kinds of roofs is this design allows for as much space to be created in the home while being able to cover every edge and angle that is created with this roof, leaving no wasted space in the roof design or in the attic.


This type of roofing was extremely popular for many, many centuries in multiple places throughout Europe. This roof is a take on the gambrel roof, but contains four sides where two of the sides have a lower slope and more windows while the other two sides have a steeper slope.

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