What are Common Medical Errors?

      We walk into local clinics and hospitals confident we will be taken care of and provided top-notch treatments and services. Some people may be going in for a routine procedure, while others may be looking for life-saving treatments an surgeries. Unfortunately, medical malpractices cases occur every day, and medical errors are some of the most usual incidents that can affect a person’s health in the most damaging way. Medical errors can be developed into personal injury claims, so patients may receive financial compensation for their ordeals and injuries.

What constitutes a medical error? Some of the most common medical errors that can occur may include:



If given the wrong diagnosis, a patient may suffer catastrophic affects to their health. With misdiagnosis of an illness or condition, a patient may then be provided the wrong treatments, medications, and other ‘aid’ that can only work to make their symptoms or condition worse. Not to mention, a misdiagnosis may mean delayed treatment for the patient’s correct illness or condition. This can have fatal consequences.

Medication Error

Another common form of medical malpractice, medication error results when a patient is given the incorrect medication. This can be a mistake made by the prescribing doctor or the pharmacy. A patient may be subjected to the wrong medication or wrong dosage. When dealing with the wrong dosage, a patient may be dealing with medication that is much weaker or stronger. This can cause further harm to the patient, as well as worsening of their initial condition.

Bad Medical Devices

Sometimes a medical error may not be at the hands of a medical provider, but a faulty medical device. If medical devices such as blood filters, hip transplants, hernia mesh, and other devices fail, this can cause a world of problems for the patient. A malfunctioning or defective tool will usually be blamed on the manufacturer, not the medical provider.

Surgical Errors

People get routine surgical procedures done everyday. Unfortunately, surgical errors are also a common branch of medical errors. Whether performing the wrong surgical procedure on the wrong patient, using unsanitary surgical equipment, and leaving equipment inside the patient, surgical errors can be terrifying to deal with, and cause further injuries and damage.

Failure of After-Care Instructions

After a hospital stay, medical professionals are expected to give each patient after-care instructions for their wounds, treatment, and so on. Failure to give proper after-care instructions, or even discharging a patient too early after their treatment and procedure, can count as a very common medical error that can have consequences on the innocent patient.


When it comes to medical errors, they can take a toll on patients who are looking for treatment for a condition or illness in the worst ways. If you or a loved one suffered from medical errors at a clinic or hospital, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim for financial compensation. For a personal injury attorney in Claremont to consult your case with, call Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.