Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Holiday Party


The air is chilly, Christmas shopping is underway, and you’re planning an outdoor holiday party for relatives and friends. An outdoor holiday party may go against the grain when it comes to traditional holiday parties, but you can implement a lot of cool features to your party that an indoor party would not allow. Looking for more tips and tricks to plan this joyous occasion? Here’s a quick guide on planning the perfect outdoor holiday party, so you won’t make it on Santa’s naughty list.


Plan the Menu

Getting food out of the way first is essential to allowing you to focus on the rest of the details for your party with ease. Decide if you’re going to do cathering or takeaway. Maybe you’d like to host a potluck style party. Either way, having a few tasty snacks and treats stocked up beforehand can leave you with ease no matter what you decide to serve.

Sit Around the Fire

Sitting around the fireplace is a common picture during the holidays. While hosting an outdoor holiday party won’t provide you with a chimney, if you have a patio fireplace or fire pit outdoors, you can arrange seating to make sure guests have a place to warm up near.


Light Up the Place

The winter season means evening comes at a fast pace, so you’ll want to provide plenty of warm light for your party. String up some twinkling lights throughout your space to make sure guests have the perfect cheery light to guide them through mingling and other fun holiday activities.



Have a Hot Cocoa Bar

Set up a hot coffee and cocoa bar for guests to warm up without having to worry about spills like you would inside the home. Set up little jars of cocoa, ground coffee, sugar, mini marshmallows, and candy canes with the appropriate spoons in each one. Use disposable cups, set out a tray of cookies, and voila!


Make it an Ugly Sweater Party

Tell guests the theme is ugly sweater and watch the laughs roll up. Being outside means needing an extra layer or two, so an ugly sweater will be perfect for added warmth! You could even host a contest to make sure everyone comes decked out with their ugliest sweater!

Play the Right Tunes

Set your portable speaker outside and play some holiday tunes or instrumentals to your party while guests mingle and chat. There’s nothing that quite says it’s the holidays like everyone trying to do a rendition of their favorite Christmas song.


When hosting your outdoor holiday party, having tasty treats, warmth, and a cozy ambience is all you need for a good time. All the other extras will just continue to maximize the experience for your guests. If you’re interested in reliable tent rentals in Long Beach to provide coverage for your outdoor holiday party, Town & Country Event Rentals has a wide variety of tents for you! With all your planning, your holiday party will surely be one to remember.