Tips for Filing Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Are you having trouble with your home’s roofing system? Has a recent storm damaged your roof? If you’re filing a roofing insurance claim, this guide is will help you do it right.


Tips to Filing Your Roofing Insurance Claim


When your roofing system is destroyed by a big storm or damaged for any reason, your homeowner’s insurance policy can help provide the funds to get it fixed. But homeowner’s insurance is a complicated process that takes time to approve. Since most roof repairs require immediate attention, especially with post-storm reconstruction, you need to create a sense of urgency with your claim.


Here are some tips to help you file your roofing insurance claim.


Understand Your Insurance


Most insurance claims cover replacement costs. The once-popular cash value system is rare these days. Check the terms of your insurance to see if it’s based on replacement costs. This will allows you to only pay once for repairs. Understanding this process is vital because you need to know what to pay and when to make the payment. Contact a Roofer in Temecula.


Don’t Touch Anything


If you have roof damage, it’s imperative to contact your insurance provider immediately when the damage occurs. Don’t touch anything until the inspection occurs to ensure your insurance covers all damage. While you should leave everything as it is, take a quick walk around your building to assess the extent of the damage. Check for any potential hazards. Take as many pictures as possible, and record your observations in a notebook. Refer to these documents when you talk with your insurance comapny.


Know Your Coverage


Even with severe damage, not all claims are covered. You need to understand what’s included in your policy before you file your claim. Here are some typical claims that are not usually covered by a traditional homeowner’s policy:


  • Damage caused by inadequate maintenance
  • Damage caused by the homeowner during a do-it-yourself restoration or repair effort
  • Roofs with three or more layers of shingles
  • Roofing that has outlived manufacturer warranties or has aged out of the insurer’s coverage period
  • Reclaimed wood shakes or slate roofing materials


Filing the Claim


When it’s time to file your insurance claim, you’ll need to gather the correct documentation. Your insurance adjuster will assess the loss and provide an estimate for repairs. They will inform you of the coverage amount your insurance will pay. They may give you a paper check for the amount insured, which is to be paid only if the job gets done.


Additional Paperwork


When finalizing the claim, your insurance might issue an additional check to be approved by the mortgage holder. Your claim paperwork will also have a warranty and several other financial records. Make sure there are no loose ends before you sign off. Review your contract thoroughly. Document all payments made to your roofing company. You may want to hire a third-party inspector once repairs are complete to ensure your roof is sturdy. If you need help finding a roofing company, talk to your insurance company for suggestions.


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