Tips for Electrical Appliance Maintenance

Home electrical appliances are ever-changing technologies that undoubtedly make our life easier. The convenience and time-saving properties of these inventions are a great advantage to modern living. Still, as with everything in life, these appliances need maintenance, repairs, and even replacement over time.


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get through a day without your most used electrical appliances? Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers are part of most Americans’ daily lives. It is highly frustrating when these systems shut down. That’s why maintenance is essential. Let’s discuss some maintenance tips for your everyday electrical appliances.


Tips for Electrical Appliance Maintenance


Do you currently take care of your electrical appliances with routine maintenance? Have you considered how maintenance can help with their longevity? Consider these essential tips for maintaining your most common residential electrical appliances. Here are some suggestions for routine maintenance on some of the most common home electrical appliances:


Clean Your Refrigerator Coils


Dirt, dust, pet hair, and other buildups can accumulate in your refrigerator coils and restrict the airflow to your appliance. This makes it harder for your refrigerator to keep things cool. You can use a handheld vacuum or a damp cloth to clean the coils at least twice a year. Keep in mind that different refrigerators have different coil placements, so check the user manual or examine the back of your fridge thoroughly before doing any work. This will ensure you don’t experience more damage to your appliance.


Change the Refrigerator Water Filters


Most refrigerators come equipped with filters, primarily if they dispense water. You’ll need to regularly change or clean the filters to ensure impurities and other contaminants don’t affect your appliance. Even worse, these contaminants can negatively impact your health. Change or clean your water filters at least every six months, but three months if possible. How frequently it is recommended you change or clean your filters depends on how often you use your system. Read your manual or discuss your needs with a professional electrician for the best recommendations.


Washing Machine Maintenance


Your washing machine also needs proper maintenance to increase its efficiency and longevity. To extend the life of your system, wash smaller loads. Don’t use your machine to wash anything more than as instructed. You should also clean the washer drum at least once a week to ensure effective functioning. This will also remove the excess residue from your systems, such as threads, buttons, and other dirt left from clothes and other articles. You should also keep the washing machine door open for a few hours after each wash to let dampness evaporate.


Take Care of Your Dishwasher Racks


Dishwasher racks have a lot of tiny parts that can get filled with dirt, debris, and other buildups from dirty plates, cups, and silverware. Clean all parts of your dishwasher racks at least once a month. Check for breaks and cracks in your appliance and use a sealant to make repairs. Make sure you wait at least 24 hours to rerun your dishwasher.


Clean Your Garbage Disposal


Another common electrical appliance is your garbage disposal. Make sure to clean your garbage disposal regularly. Remove any buildup or leftover food particles. Never use your hands to clean your appliance. Instead, use a tool like tongs. Here are some tips:


  • ALWAYS shut down the electrical supply to your appliance before doing any work
  • Use salt, vinegar, and ice cubes to clean the garbage disposal blades
  • Run water while your appliance is on and for at least 10 seconds after you shut it down
  • Citrus is an effective option for removing foul odors


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