The Best Toilet Paper for Your Plumbing System

We don’t really think about how our toilet paper can affect our plumbing system until the cloggings start to happen. Is your toilet paper so thin that you’re forced to use a lot at once, or is it overly thick and strong? The varying toilet paper brands and kinds can be great to experiment with while looking for one consistent and reliable brand to turn to. However, it’s also important to look past comfort and convenience and look at what could benefit your plumbing as well. Here is some of the best toilet paper for plumbing systems:


  • Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare: This one-ply toilet paper is thin enough to break down quickly and dissolve, but has a soft and absorbent texture for your comfort and ease. Each roll is made from plant fibers too, so this toilet paper is great for the eco-conscious household.


  • Angel Soft Toilet Paper: This two-ply toilet paper finds a balance between softness and strength while being budget-friendly. Its two-ply build promises stronger texture, while also being perfectly flushable and septic-safe.


  • Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper: Though the packaging states this toilet paper is mostly designed for RVs and boats, the rapid dissolving label means it’s perfect for your septic system. It’s soft and absorbent but dissolves quickly to not wreak havoc on your plumbing.


  • Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper: These septic safe-rolls have a soft touch for comfort. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper is four times stronger than leading brands and also comes with a clog-free guarantee. Charmin is sourced responsibly with a Rainforest Alliance certification as well!


  • Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper: This toilet paper is great for green households, as it is recycled toilet paper without added dyes and fragrances. Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper is also not bleached with chlorine, so it is perfect for your plumbing.


  • Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper: This toilet paper is made from organically grown bamboo and sugarcane, offering a natural and sustainable alternative to typical tree-based toilet paper. It is 2-ply for comfort and strength, but also 100% biodegradable. Don’t worry, it’s also panda-friendly.


When it comes to the right toilet paper for your plumbing, you always want to make sure to look out for a few details. You want toilet paper that dissolves quickly and is strong for your own use, but not strong enough to clump or fail to dissolve after being flushed away. Ultra-thick toilet paper is strong and plush, but if it’s like flushing a paper towel down your toilet, then you’ll want to steer away. If your toilet has been getting clogged lately and you’re not sure whether it’s toilet paper related or something else, turn to a professional plumber for help. If you are in need of a plumber in the Ontario area, turn to The Original Plumbing Company! Next time you’re picking toilet paper in the grocery store, it wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind a few keywords or details on the packaging. Your septic tank will thank you for it!