Benefits of Coffee

Many of us are big fans of heading down to our favorite local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. Though we may not think about it as much, there are plenty of benefits that come up when it comes to that cup of joe. Sometimes, coffee has gotten a bad rap when it comes to jitters and other misconceptions. The truth is that tasty little cup of coffee can provide you with some great benefits on the side, too. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of coffee.


1.   Boosts Those Energy Levels

We had to cross this one off the list first. Coffee contains caffeine, a known stimulant. Caffeine can help fight fatigue and make those energy levels soar. If you are in a slump and need energy to get back to work or school, a latte or iced coffee will help you get right back to the grind (pun intended)!


2.   Can Help with Weight Management

Some studies found that people who drink coffee daily may see decreased body fat and even better gut health. People who drink coffee were also found to have an increased chance of doing physical activity and exercise, helping to manage their weight.


3.   Promotes Heart Health

Many people may be surprised to hear that coffee can actually promote better heart health. This seems to be the case, as some studies showed that drinking three to five cups of coffee daily lowered the risk of heart disease in individuals by 15%. Another study found that drinking three or four cups of coffee can lower risk of stroke by 21%. We’ll be drinking our coffee with ease now, because we know we’re boosting our health as well!


4.   Can Increase Your Lifespan

Research showed that people who drank coffee were least likely to develop coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. Drinking a tasty cup of joe and adding some years to your lifespan? Sign us up!


5.   Can Help Your Liver

Whether you’re going for a regular cup of coffee or decaf is your jam, studies have shown that coffee can actually have a positive effect on the liver. Coffee drinkers have shown to have a healthy range of liver enzyme levels compared to their non-coffee drinking friends. If drinking coffee is helping the liver, we won’t mind adding another cup or two to our morning ritual.


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