5 Reliable Fences to Keep the Dogs in the Yard

When looking into fencing, it is important for homeowners to take into account their furry friends and make sure they can’t escape the yard. Some fences have too much room between slats and it allows for easy escape while others may not leave any room at all for the dog to see anything. It is also important that the fence can create an area that will give the dog enough room to do their business.

Here are 5 fences that will ensure that any furry friend will not escape the yard.

  1. Horizontal Cable Fence

Out of a lot of different options for fencing to keep those dogs in, a horizontal cable fence both looks great and is very effective. It helps give the backyard a modern, chic look. It also allows for more visibility to the rest of the yard, unlike a solid fence. It is created by taking metal rods or thick wire and funneling it through multiple wooden posts.

  1. Arch Gate Fence

Much like the horizontal cable fence, this fence is perfect for both keeping your dogs in as well as allowing for the dog to be able to see out and see the yard. It gives the yard a little bit of a modern meets rustic feel. To create this fencing style, the signature piece that must be incorporated is an arch gate. Once the gate is in place, you are able to use any type of fence that is to your liking. You can use picket or mesh but the most used is a chicken wire and wood fence so that the dog has visibility to the rest of the yard.

  1. Post Cap Fence

The post cap fence is another fence that helps give off the mix of modern and rustic feel to any yard’s aesthetic. To create this fence, there are a lot of design options. The main feature to make sure that the posts that are used to keep the fence up are capped with a triangular pyramid shape. After that, it is completely up to the homeowner. The most usual type of fencing to use is the chicken wire fencing since it helps bring forth that rustic feel, but any form of fencing would look fantastic with post cap fences.

  1. Portable Fence

Portable fences are a perfect type of fencing for those families or couples that have a dog and they are constantly on the road. Whether it be in an RV or in a small little trailer, it helps create the perfect space to leave your pooch. Another great use for this type of fencing is say you are doing yard work, it will help create a small yard space that can be used and is safe for the dog. It is typically metal and easily foldable so it can be compacted and moved for transportation.

  1. Lighted Post Cap Fence

The lighted post cap fence is the exact same deal as the post cap fence, but the caps on the posts just have lights under them. So that you can see. That’s it. That’s really it. If you’re ever in need of professional fencing, contact Hemet Fencing for all of your Riverside fencing needs.