3 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

As summer rolls in, the rising temperatures come with a rise in your utility bills. While many household appliances impact your utility bills, constantly running your air conditioning system can lead to a significant spike in your electricity bill.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take to save energy and reduce your utility bills in the hot summer months. Let’s explore!

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Here are the three most helpful energy saving tips for summer:

1.   Change the Air Filter

Extra dirt and dust in the air filter disrupts airflow and puts added strain on your air conditioning unit. This ultimately causes higher energy usage. You can quickly fix this problem by cleaning your air filter regularly to remove built-up dust and debris. Depending on your unit, you may also be required to replace the filter annually or semi-annually.

While it might seem like changing your air filter regularly is an unnecessary expense, you can find filters at a reasonable cost. Staying on top of this type of AC maintenance doesn’t just help reduce your energy bill, but it also extends the life of your unit. Therefore, it’s an investment that will bring you a substantial return over time.

2.   Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

With so many advances in technology, upgrading to a smart thermostat is a great way to save energy. A smart thermostat doesn’t just give you complete control over the temperature of your home. Still, it also allows you to adjust the AC temperature remotely. So, if you forget to turn down the AC before you leave for work, you can easily do it from your electronic device.

Smart thermostats use a Wi-Fi application on your mobile device to control temperature settings wherever you are. You can keep your thermostat at a temperature that’s comfortable for you and your family when you’re home and adjust your settings once you leave your home. These smart thermostats also show you energy consumption week to week, so you learn your electricity usage patterns. This allows you to make lifestyle adjustments to help you save energy over time. Changing the temperature of your AC unit by even 1-2 degrees can save you a substantial amount of money over time.

3.   Take Advantage of Fans

Ceiling fans use a lot less energy than air conditioners.  A fundamental tip to save energy is to supplement the use of fans to lessen the wear on your AC. When you feel that the house is chilled enough, you can turn down your AC and use fans to keep your home at a cool temperature.

Ceiling fans only use 15-120 watts, while air conditioners use between 750-3,500 watts. That’s why this method is a great way to save energy.

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